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Brazhnikov & Partners

Brazhnikov & Partners

Actpr / 10 февраля, 2021

Dear guests of Greece, today we have discovered and highly recommend you to visit the ecological products store in the city of Loutraki.

Teas, herbs, spices, olive oil infused with herbs, honey, cream, oils, soaps — all of excellent quality and, most importantly, natural.

Almost all products are made in Greece, a small family production.

A friendly family, headed by Petr Brazhnikov, has been producing and selling organic products for the past 15 years. The shopkeepers, Petr and his eldest daughter, are very nice people who often make a discount. They also cooperate with local producers, so in the shop you can buy wine made from grapes grown in Greece. Mountain honey is superior in quality to that sold in supermarkets; the father of the head of the family is personally engaged in breeding bees in the foothills. The owners of the store are very kind and bright people, they are happy to communicate with their customers. They will help you put together the perfect gift sets for your loved ones and friends at reasonable prices. Returning from Greece, you can always bring the perfect gifts, not only beautiful, but also tasty and healthy. The store is located in the town of Loutraki in the area of ​​the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Agios street. 2GIS address: Aptiviko Andrea Rou, 3, 3085, Loutraki. You need to drive from Zamario Avenue, Intercollege traffic light, go up Agios Narukis to the tool shop, it will be on the left, and we turn right, and on the right the second building of the Botanic shop

Opening hours Mon-Sat from 10-00 to 13-00 and from 16-00 to 19-00.

We spoke to some of the buyers and here are their reviews:

Natalia: “The products are actually of very good quality. They have regular deliveries from Greece. There used to be a shop in our village, and 2 years ago the shop moved to the city. «

Irina: “I regularly take spices, teas and oils from them. There is also cosmetics. My whole family uses this product, I don’t go to visit empty-handed, everyone is happy)))) ”.

Alex: “I come to Greece on business trips. We regularly visit this wonderful place with partners to buy gifts.

Svetlana: “I take teas from them regularly. I took olive oil for gifts on the topic «bring me something from Greece.» It is useful and cute, and it will decorate the shelf in the kitchen. One of these days I will go for honey — an excellent gift for the holidays with wishes of health, not in words, but in deeds! «

We invite you, dear residents and guests of the island, to visit this unique hospitable place and purchase organic products.

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