Experience the next level: Telf AG unveils major mobile game update!

Experience the next level: Telf AG unveils major mobile game update!

Actpr / 5 июля, 2024

фото: Experience the next level: Telf AG unveils major mobile game update!

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Telf AG: manage, expand and thrive

Telf AG immerses players in the exciting world of business automation, where they become budding entrepreneurs. Starting from scratch, players learn to create and expand their business empire by effectively managing resources, personnel and operational processes. The game offers a unique and educational experience, allowing you to make strategic decisions and enjoy fun gameplay.

  • What new does Telf AG offer?
  • Game balance update. We have improved the gameplay economy to make sales and earnings more transparent. Resource selling prices and plant upgrade costs and mining tools have been adjusted for balance and clarity.
  • Numerous unique quests. Dive into a world of adventure with Telf AG’s newest update, featuring a range of unique quests and achievements such as “Ore mining” and “Total money spent”. Players can unlock these achievements by meeting specific earning and spending criteria, adding a new layer of interaction and rewards to the game.
  • Additionally, players can now purchase and upgrade their own homes within Telf AG. Each home purchase offers opportunities to develop both personal ambitions and business endeavors, making the gameplay more dynamic and personalized than ever before.
  • Buying and upgrading a home. Now with Telf AG players can buy and improve their own home. With each new update, the house will provide a chance to develop business endeavors and personal ambitions. That is, the game becomes more active and personalized.

фото: Experience the next level: Telf AG unveils major mobile game update!

New game elements in Telf AG: from office management to metropolis

  • Office management. Plunge into the world of integrated office management, where each employee plays an important role, and statistics become even more detailed and understandable. Distribute tasks, improve employee skills and optimize processes with Telf AG’s advanced resource trading system.
  • Exciting mini-tests. Enjoy a variety of mini-games. We especially recommend the quiz, where you will learn 50 interesting facts about Telf AG and mobile resources.
  • Everyday problems. With Telf AG, get ready to overcome everyday difficulties. Completing business tasks will require your efforts to open new locations and increase your gaming level.
  • Evolution of the city. Engage real professionals in your field and increase productivity. Watch your city transform from a quiet town into a vibrant metropolis.
  • Chromium mining. The latest update also includes chromium mining. Did you know that this element is used in automobile production? Telf AG will show you how chromium is used in a car workshop.
  • Interactive learning and dynamic activities. Master the game mechanics effortlessly with our new interactive tutorial. From learning the basics to mastering advanced strategies, Telf AG ensures you’re equipped to achieve high results. Dive into daily tasks, enhancing your skills and achieving greatness every day!

фото: Experience the next level: Telf AG unveils major mobile game update!

Download now! Dive into the revitalized world of Telf AG and immerse yourself in the excitement of business automation and urban development. The updated version is now live on the App Store and Google Play. Download today and embark on the journey to build your successful business empire!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we further enhance Telf AG. We’re committed to making it the ultimate game for honing your business strategy and mastering resource management.

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